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Made With Love

By, Elizabeth Ann

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What I Do

Art should tell a story, and I'd like to properly convey it. If you have a story that needs to be told, contact me! Email, call, or direct message me to discuss your vision or brainstorm together. We can go over any specifics you'd like included in your art, pricing options, and deadlines. I cannot wait to work with you!

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Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, and I am an artist living in Long Island, NY. I don’t have one style when it comes to artwork, but I love to try my hand in different forms and techniques. From personalized driftwood and canvas paintings, to digital watercolor printables, I get to explore various projects from the requests of others.

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What They’re Saying

My favorite thing is the fact that you can bring ideas to life. The first piece of art that you made for me I gave you just 3 simple ideas that had nothing to do with one another and when you painted them they made such sense together.


The creativity and hard work within each piece of Elizabeth Ann artwork is what makes the experience working with her so special


I love how when I buy your art you help me to think of what it is I'm actually looking for. I knew what I wanted generally, but then your creativity helped turn my idea into something amazing!


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Contact Me!

Get in touch to learn more about my work and professional career, or to suggest a new project. Or we can talk about guilty pleasures and quarantine snacks... whatever you're feelin'.


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