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A Bit About Me

Art has always been consistent in my life, but sharing it with others has not. Paints and brushes helped release the crazy creative thoughts swirling around my brain as a young child. When new stressors entered my life, as they tend to do on the path of growing up, painting calmed racing thoughts and a worried mind. 

I used to think art was for the artist, but I learned quickly that I'm supposed to create in order to share with others.

Elizabeth Ann Creations began with a college gift for one of my best friends. I painted a small 12x12 canvas so she could have wall art that went with her decor. After that, more friends asked for paintings, and my favorite hobby evolved into my favorite side-hustle. I was now creating for others in a way that I love.

When I am able to accomplish someone else’s vision and witness his or her joy, I am only reassured that I want to keep doing this for as long as I can.

So welcome to site, where you can see that every piece is made with love, by…me. 

About Elizabeth: Bio
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